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Hello and welcome to The Magician's Cocktail Podcast.
Just sit down and relax while I serve you an episode mixed with magic, entertainment and everyday life with magicians from the Nordic countries.

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/Anders Fox

Aug 26, 2020


Morten Durelle is an educated actor and comedy magician from Denmark.

We talked about how a trip to London with his father sparked his interest in magic and that a promise to himself later in life made him jump the cliff and start of his magic career. How important it is to look at the details in your own performance...

Aug 19, 2020

John Houdi has performed for all kinds of audiences. From cheerful guests at comedy clubs to fully packed arena shows in Sweden and Scandinavia.

This time we talked about his career and how important flight time is to become a great entertainer. How hard it is to work with ventriloquist these days, and how to frame your...

Aug 12, 2020

Miika Pelkonen is a European FISM Champion in card magic from Finland and has great dark humor.

We talk about how he started by imitating Lennart Green, how much respect he has to the art of magic, and his love to try new things to learn and evolve.

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Aug 5, 2020

Mortenn Christiansen is a Danish comedy magician that takes the art of magic and performance very seriously.

We talk about how he started working at the magic shop Pegani in Horsens, his way to the stage, and how important it is to create your own material then just copy or imitate everyone else.

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