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Hello and welcome to The Magician's Cocktail Podcast.
Just sit down and relax while I serve you an episode mixed with magic, entertainment and everyday life with magicians from the Nordic countries.

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/Anders Fox

Sep 30, 2020

Who: Jacob Schenström

Country: Sweden

Style: Sleight of hand expert

About: Table hoping at 5-star resort, sleight of hand, memdeck, Westworld, public shows, pricing, strong magic.

Jacobs show:


Sep 23, 2020

Who: Kris Kon

Country: Norway

About: Storytelling, Rocco Silano, rope magic, heart decides, street magic, 8 rules of Zen in magic, magical moments and emotions, micro poetry, Jorgen Garcia, one-man-show, Covid-19, and how to be honest to yourself.

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Sep 16, 2020

Pasi Hyvärinen is a mystery artist from Finland who performs four different magician characters.

We talked about improvisations as an art form, the ethics around tarot's reading that Pasi is doing at Medival Fairs in Finland, and that you should stop being lazy and start building our own props because you will become a...

Sep 9, 2020

Stefan Eriksson is a creative magician, illustrator, and animator from Sweden.

We talked about how it all started with the book ”Sibyllans Hemligheter”, stories from the Magic Bar period where he learned how to become a performer, and Stefans shares his thoughts on how to be creative and create new material in...

Sep 2, 2020

Daniel Granli is a magician from Norway that has an academic interest in the art of magic and who in his younger age started to create public shows.

We talked about how it all started with a teacher showing Daniel a card trick and he was hooked.
His own system called ”The three S's” which is a tool he uses...