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Hello and welcome to The Magician's Cocktail Podcast.
Just sit down and relax while I serve you an episode mixed with magic, entertainment and everyday life with magicians from the Nordic countries.

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/Anders Fox

Oct 28, 2020

Who: Kevin Lunde

Country: Norway

Style: A loose cannon on stage

About: Kevin Lunde has experience of magic on tv with his own hidden camera t-show that he had on Norwegian television, he shares with us the process to bring magic onto tv and tells about one time when everything went out of control in front of the...

Oct 21, 2020

Who: Johan Ståhl

Country: Sweden

Style: Sleight of hand expert, festival general, and creative worker

About: Johan Ståhl has a big experience in the magic world, from a young age he started his career at Wallmans in Oslo. How he felt that he needed to create his sleeveless sleeving act to prove himself in the magic...

Oct 14, 2020

Who: Nicolaj Christensen

Country: Denmark

Style: Creative thinker

About: From young age collection tricks like he collected jokes to tells his friends, why red is a thread throughout his whole concept, how games and magic go hand in hand, and the need for an avant-garde movement to make magic become better.


Oct 7, 2020

Who: Pete Purho

Country: Finland

Style: Creative thinker and a worker

About: Being raised in a family that works with magic, influenced by Juan Tamariz, self-reflections, the obsession of finding why a trick works or don't, the egg bag, game design and how that can be relevant to magic, to guard a secret or not,...