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Hello and welcome to The Magician's Cocktail Podcast.
Just sit down and relax while I serve you an episode mixed with magic, entertainment and everyday life with magicians from the Nordic countries.

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/Anders Fox

Dec 30, 2020

Who: Isidor Olsbjörk

Country: Sweden

Style: Sleight of hand expert and stand-up comedian

About: We talked about how Isidor from young age know that he wanted to be a magician, why he started doing stand-up comedy and the benefit that we magician can learn from it, he tells us how he came up with the card trick where...

Dec 16, 2020

Who: Robert Jägerhorn

Country: Finland

Style: All-around artist and stage master

About: We talked about him studying magic at a young age together with the master Solmu mäkelä, why it's so important to find yourself in magic and how Robert constructs his shows.

This and much more in this episode, hope you will...

Nov 4, 2020

Who: Arkadia

Country: Sweden

Style: Historical/fantasy character artist

About: Arkadia found the love of street performance at Covent Garden in London and from that he was hooked, he has been busking at every medieval festival in the Nordic country and are one of the founders of the variety group Karneval.


Jul 1, 2020

Markus Tervo is an award-winning magician from Finland.

We sat down thru distance calls and talked about his work with busking, bar magic, and owning his own magic club.

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Jun 24, 2020

Caroline Ravn is a magician and three-time Ted talker from Sweden that has her own show ”where the magic happens”.

We sat down thru distance calls and talked about how her carrier has been from the moment she started until now, how she with her team has reached goals that others only dream about.

She opened up...