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Hello and welcome to The Magician's Cocktail Podcast.
Just sit down and relax while I serve you an episode mixed with magic, entertainment and everyday life with magicians from the Nordic countries.

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/Anders Fox

Dec 23, 2020

Who: Mikael Hedné

Country: Norway

Style: Mentalist and brain conductor

About: We talked about how it all started with David Copperfield, why magic theory and philosophy is as important as your latest card trick, his experience of being on Fool Us, and how Mikael came up with his famous opening act in his mentalist...

Dec 9, 2020

Who: Mads Fencker

Country: Denmark

Style: A mastermind when it comes to mentalism

About: He has a fascination with the zodiac and the art of mystery. We talked about his experience of Denmark got talent where he came second place in the final, how Mads eyes for details are important in his work, and what his magic...

Dec 2, 2020

Who: Dozzie

Country: Sweden

Style: Sweden's tallest family entertainer

About: Dozzie is living for children and families, entertain them, and giving a magical moment is the best thing he knows. We talked about how important magic is to children, how Dozzie loves to end his shows with the cups and balls and he also gives...

Nov 25, 2020

Who: Vidar Strat

Country: Norway

Style: Hardworking manipulator artist

About: Vidar is a perfectionist when it comes to studying magic, thanks to Jeff McBride manipulations acts has a special place in Vidars magic heart. We talk about how he's journey from Norwegian national competitions up to FISM in Stockholm 2006....

Nov 18, 2020

Who: Miika Korkatti

Country: Finland

Style: Strong believer in the magical moment

About: Miika found magic thru a friend and has loved it ever since.
We talk about how he overcomes his stage fright with a performance coach, how being a close-up magician in Finland work, and how the magic community would be a happier...